Marketing or marketing is an essential tool when you have to market your company. Get control of marketing channels, marketing plan, and marketing budget.

Marketing covers all the measures you use to introduce your product to the market. Therefore, you must think about the marketing of your company and your product in your strategy as early as possible.


When you need to market your product or service, there are many channels you can use. You can use both offline and online channels, i.e. both physical advertising such as brochures, advertising articles, and advertising on the Internet.

Which channels suit your business best depends on your product and your target audience. Nobody says you have to use all the channels, so choose the ones that give you the most value for money. Below is an overview with examples:

  • Offline channels
  • Brochures, posters, flyers
  • Promotional items and merchandise
  • Presence at fairs, conferences, etc.
  • Advertisements in trade magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and  public transport
  • Telemarketing.
  • Online channels
  • Homepage
  • Social Media
  • Online banners
  • Newsletters
  • Search engine optimization.


Before you can create a detailed marketing strategy, you must know your market and your customer or target group well, so you know whom you are competing with, who your customers are, and where and with which messages and types of advertising you can reach them. With a strategy, you have a plan for all your activities, so that your marketing is not left to chance.

When you have to lay out a strategy, you can consider the following, among other things:

Who is your target group (demographics (gender, age, etc.), geography, interests, etc.)?

Why is your product unique and how can you use it as a selling point?

What do I want to achieve (get new customers, sell more of a certain product, draw attention to new measures, etc.)?

If you do not have a marketing background, you can seek professional help from a media agency to create your strategy, get nice photos taken, make videos, and find out which expression your target audience will like best. You can also use a copywriter to make the communication uniform and professional so that it hits the desired target group as best as possible.


There is no set rule for how much you should spend on marketing. In fact, the best advice is to try your hand at testing different channels and strategies.

The price of marketing is very different depending on where you choose to advertise. Therefore, it is also important that you know where your customers are.

With online advertising, you can typically see where your customers come from if you have installed an analysis tool on your website.

If you use offline advertising, you cannot immediately measure where your customers come from, and you cannot therefore accurately assess whether, for example, a flyer or advertisement in the newspaper has been a success. Therefore, you can, for example, consider getting a dedicated phone number or an extra email address that you only use for offline advertising. That way, you know that the customers who approach you that way have seen your brochure or newspaper ad. When you know where your customers come from, it’s easier for you to find out if you’re making money from your marketing or not.

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