Writing a sales announcement is one of the most important steps in the sales process and a factor that can influence the length of time you will find a suitable buyer for your home.

You need to pay close attention to the sale ad and make sure it is concise but comprehensive and complete with attractive photos for potential buyers.

Don’t rely on the fact that interested people will contact you or the real estate agent who works with you to find out more information on the phone or that they will see exactly what it is about.

The title of the ad is one of the elements that can influence at first sight a person’s opinion about the property you want to sell. If you are looking for a buyer on your own, it is good to mention this in the title, because then the one who finds it will know that he no longer has to pay commission to the agent.

Try to avoid headlines full of clichés, such as “apartment for sale in a good area.” You can, instead, highlight the strengths of the home.

The description has to answer to the question – why would anyone want to move here?. This should focus on the benefits that come with the home you want to sell. It is not good to save words in this case, but you do not have to write an elaborate description, just for the sake of writing something.

Here is the key information that your sales ad must contain:

Type of home – apartment, house;

the number of rooms – bedrooms and common living or dining areas are taken into account, not kitchens, bathrooms, attics, or other storage spaces; – the usable area of ​​the house – gives the prospective buyer an idea of ​​how spacious the house is.

comfort – 1,2,3 or luxury;

the floor where the house is located – in the case of a block of flats or an apartment located in a villa (example: floor 2/10);

it is recommended to provide details about the year in which the construction works were completed, the height regime (example: ground floor + 2 floors) and information on the strength structure of the building (example: brick, concrete, etc.);

The ad must answer the potential buyer the most questions.

If you are working with a real estate agent, it is important to give them as many details about the home as possible from the beginning and to ask them for help in writing the sale announcement. His experience will speak for itself in this regard.

If you have started the sales process on your own, you can ask a loved one for their opinion on the sale announcement and see if it has any questions after reading it. As a landlord, you know your home very well and you may miss some details that may not seem very relevant to you. An extra opinion can help you improve your ad.

Don’t forget to mention if the house you are selling is on the list of “red dot” buildings in the city, but to explain clearly the degree of seismic risk and what it means. Do not try to hide such information because any buyer can check it on the authorities’ websites and if they find out that you have not exposed this to them, they will think that there are other issues that you failed to bring to their attention.

Careful! “Cosmeticizing” the ad for a property to look better “on paper” than in reality is not to your advantage. It will attract unsuspecting buyers and you will waste time preparing views for people who are not looking for what you offer.

It is also recommended to add more photos to the ad for sale, both inside and outside the home. If you work with a real estate agent, you can request a special photoshoot for this purpose. If you’re looking for a single buyer, it’s a good idea to take pictures with a camera, not a cell phone, and use a tripod.

Make sure the rooms are well lit, tidy, and clean, with no exposed clothing or dirty dishes in the kitchen.

If you are selling a house, be sure to clean the garden before taking pictures.

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