In the midst of the current global crisis of epic proportions, companies face a myriad of different challenges and obstacles. From finding qualified staff to covering team members who are ill, through cash flow problems and reduced demand in every sector.

Businesses that seek prosperity despite these challenges are trying to adapt and promote these difficult conditions in their target market in all available ways.

However, due to the blockade and changing consumer habits as a result of the pandemic, everything is changing and your efforts may not always have the desired effect.

But there is hope. For business leaders who want to continue to reach their target audience, we have several innovative ways for them to present their company to the public and attract attention with a suitable offer.

With SEO, you can get to the top of the search engine

It has been here for many years, but at a time when potential customers are only at home with their electrical equipment, it is now a unique chance to take advantage of the situation.

Use influencers to promote your products and services to your target audience

Influencer marketing has become popular in recent years and the pandemic has only increased its potential. Influencers are becoming increasingly important to businesses, so you should consider using them to promote your company and reach your target audience.

Influencer marketing works by mobilizing a huge number of interesting social media personalities. Although influential people on social networks are often associated mainly with beauty and fitness communities, in fact, you can use them for the benefit of any market, you just have to make the right choice and not be afraid.

PPC advertising offers an immediate return on investment, and in content marketing, its effectiveness can last several months, if not years. This is really a long-distance run that most of us don’t want to go through. Despite this fact, PPC advertising and content marketing can live in perfect symbiosis. Just imagine. You will make a nice and beneficial article that will bring you some conversions in the form of leads or sales in a few days. PPC advertising can serve as a driving force for your content marketing and give you a significant edge over your competition.

Are you creating the right content?

In general, content marketing is a long-term “pampering” of the target audience. You add content on a regular basis and hope that your target audience will read the article – and when it’s ready to buy, they’ll buy from you. Content marketing provides long-term benefits that will ultimately help customers find you, but in the short term, its big problem is targeting too broadly.

If you have a detailed analysis of your target audience, by which I mean all demographic data – age, gender, area, and interests (we will get to that in the next point), you can target your content through a PPC campaign. That’s why it’s important to create people who will help you understand your target audience. After creating a person, you can start creating content.

When creating content, it is important to realize that it also has its phases. These are, in particular:

Awareness phase

Your prospect has a problem. He conducts research on the issue to understand and name it.

Search content: Educational content, e-book, social networking post, webinar

Consideration phase

Your potential customer has already named their problem, resp. he understood him. He is now looking for all possible alternatives to solve it. At this stage, the content that makes you experts, or, as we like to call them, information leaders, is important. In principle, we strive to build a relationship with your audience and your brand.

Decision-making phase

The prospect has chosen a solution to their problem. It now compares the individual products of all available retailers. It decides from whom to buy the product.

Search content: Free trial, first free consultation, articles that educate about your products or services.

Are you sure you are targeting the right content for the right audience?

If you don’t want to put a penny into PPC advertising and you rely on organic reach, I will disappoint you. The average impact of the organic contribution on Facebook was an incredible 5.2%. This means that even if you create the best content but don’t promote it through paid advertising, it will go unnoticed. Targeting the right people to the right people is the key to success. Targeting isn’t just about finding your audience’s general demographics. If you reach your prospect at the wrong stage with the wrong content, you’ll never get the results you want. Facebook’s relevance score has shown that the better you target your ad, the lower your cost-per-click (CPC).

But how do you get started with targeting?

When setting up your ad, the first thing Facebook asks you to do is choose the location, age, and gender of your target audience.

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